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Cropti, simply the best farming app on the market

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Save time and money. Start optimizing your farm

Measure your profit with our new costs module

Cropti generates your farm reports. Identify which crops are more profitable and how to earn more.

View from the map all the information of your crops

You can work directly on the new Cropti maps and control your farm.

Generate your field notebook

With Cropti you will always have up to date your standard of traceability: MAPAMA Field Notebook, Ecological field notebook, Global G.A.P.

Cropti is an effective application that facilitates and reduces creation time of your Farm's notebook. Customers' service is very efficient and is always available. It is also a tool that is improving every year, adapting to emerging needs.

Sergio Barrios Toledo, España

Sergio Barrios
Fast, easy and simple. Technical service at the moment

Miguel Ángel Ciudad Real, España

In these two campaigns that I have been working with Cropti, it has made it much easier for me to fill the Farm's notebook. The innovations they carried out are very interesting and personalized attention is also provided.

Ildefonso Gregorio Valladolid, España

Ildefonso Gregorio

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