The Field Notebook

In 2009 was published the CE 1107/2009 establishing a framework for Community action to achieve a sustainable use of pesticides. Consequently, farmers must register every agricultural work in a document called Field Notebook. Many of you have asked since then, the reason of this regulatrory action.

The Field Notebook is the first step to document our crops traceability. The objective is to strengthen the position of Europe in the world, commercializing quality and safe products for consumers, while ensuring the competitiveness and economic viability of farms.

Field NotebookField Notebook

Europe wants to move to a cleaner and more sustainable agriculture focused on the future. As the Minister of Agriculture, Isabel García Tejerina said: “A responsible and sustainable growth must necessarily be respectful with the environment”

But is it really necessary? Yes, it is. The implementation of this first requirement gives us the opportunity to simply systematize the actions we have curried out in our farms. It also allows us  to be more aware of all the resources we consume, to gather historical data of what really needs our crop.

Thanks to the implementation of a traceability system, European agriculture seeks to place itself as environmentally friendly continent, differentiating from the competition (international markets) and positively reinforcing image with customers and consumers. Developping this system the Spanish Minestry of Agriculture will launch in the following months a registry of farms nationwide.

How long will farmers spend at documenting this traceability? Until recently, only the producers who were in a quality management system (ISO 22000, IFS, BRC, GLOBALGAP) had to establish traceability protocols and the corresponding records.

Field Notebook

With this new regulation all who wish to apply the single payment CAP should complete the Field Notebook. Thanks to tools like Cropti, to keep an updated record of all actions curried out in the farms will be easy, fast and effective.

In conclusion, Europe, and therefore Spain, needed a stricter control over primary producers, in order to have a brand quality image, with more professional farmers giving more security to final consumers. This control is called field notebook.

Field Notebook

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