Complete features list

Whatever your type of farm or business, Cropti gives you everything you need.

Import of parcels information

From Excel, database or CAP files. We can also import them for you quickly.

Agricultural works record

Sowing/Planting, Harvest, Crop protection treatment, Fertilization, Seeds purchase, Irrigation, Maintenance....

Parcels creation from Maps

SIGPAC and Spanish Cadastre integrated included. Polygons, parcels, enclosures, surface, specific areas...

Specific and protected areas

Kind of areas identified by parcel on the map: CIS, SPAB, Nitrates, included map (view)

Parcel SIGPAC use

Valid for all types of crops: citruses, fruit trees, olive groves, vineyard, grasslands, gardens, greenhouses...

Management and organization of crops per season

+5000 types of species and varieties. If you do not find yours we will add it without any cost.

Instant messaging system for cooperatives and associations

Send messages to individuals and group members, email notification, farm management from the application itself

Secure online documents and images storage.

Document associations, invoices and images of parcels and crops. Required by legislation.

Advanced documentation export.

Automatic Field Notebook document generation in official form, advanced reports in Excel format

Cost allocation associated to agricultural activities

Maintenance costs, work hours, diesel price and others associated personalized inputs.

Multi-farms filters and multi-users accounts

Simultaneous management of multifarms, advanced filters and independents documents creation.

Multi-devices visualization and app mobile

Adapted interface to mobile devices, tablets and native application for Android. Activities geo-location.

Official registration of producers and operators (ROPO) and Manipulator of Phytosanitary Products card.

Registration number ROPO, manipulator of phytosanitary Products card, qualified, fumigator, pilot...

Crop protection machinery management: Official registration of agricultural machinery (ROMA)

All makes and models record, machinery allocated to activities, registration numbers, inspection dates...

Comprehensive farm information

Everything you need to complete the Field Notebook: registration number, representatives, addresses...

Customer and advisors record.

Advisors details food businesses sanitary registration (RGSEAA), customers information, enterprises...

Parcels and crops list. Advanced filters

Data filtered by municipalities, crops, season, species, varieties. Graphic or table display.

Activities management by parcels and crop seasons

Agriculutral activities ordered by parcel, crop and season. Advanced filters by dates, workers, machinery...

Crop protection products vademecum up to date

+15,000 authorised products by MAGRAMA. Filters by pests and diseases, product brands, ID number...

Chemical dose calculations applied by surface

Automated calculation of doses applied in crop protection treatments: l/ha, kg/ha, g/ha

Updated list of fertilizers and manures

+500 types of fertilizers and manures: manufacturers, types... Applied dose calculation in fertilizations.

Record and control of irrigation activities

Water origin, wells position, flow and applied hours, notes and observations...

Record and control of maintenance activities

Maintenance, calibrations, lubrications, repairs asigned to specific machinery and costs associated...

Record and control of plant, soil and water analysis.

Dates and results, laboratory, substances identified, bulletin board number, examined material...

Weekly weather Information by municipalities

Wind direction, atmospheric pressure, maximum and minimum temperatures, sunset, rain warnings.

Weekly weather and climatic warnings

Rainfall email notifications every week by municipalities and farms, hail, storms warnings...

Pests and diseases warnings

Updated information about pests and diseases in certain areas, news and institutional notices...

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